Forum Club Announces 2017-18 Board Of Directors

The Forum Club of the Palm Beaches recently announced its 2017-18 Board of Directors. The Forum Club, based in Palm Beach County, is Florida’s largest nonpartisan political and public affairs organization.

“As members of the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches, we have a unique opportunity to hear from extraordinary speakers whose words and actions affect the world in which we live,” said Tony Pirozzi, Forum Club board president. “The board plays a critical role in helping the organization attract and recruit national thought leaders to Palm Beach County, and we look forward to guiding the Forum Club as it selects the individuals and topics that will be presented in this next season of the organization’s impressive history.”

The 2017-18 Forum Club Executive Board is comprised of President Tony Pirozzi, President-Elect Barbara Suflas Noble, Vice President Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson and Secretary/Treasurer Harvey E. Oyer III.

They are joined by the 2017-18 Forum Club Board: Alex Bigelow, John Bowers, David Buchalter, Pam Cahoon, Ed Chase, Joseph P. Chase, Kalinthia Dillard, Samantha Feuer, Mathew Forrest, Mariano Garcia, Rick Gonzalez, Brad Hurlburt, Michelle McGovern, Jeri Muoio, Patrick Rooney Jr. and Neil Schiller.