Get Fit Wellington Challenge Starts Soon

Get Fit Wellington, a local fitness center, is launching its 2017 Get Fit Wellington 90-day health and fitness contest, inviting Wellington and nearby residents to participate in a self-improvement challenge that will help them take charge of their health and fitness.

Get Fit Wellington is asking participants to focus, for 90 consecutive days, on their health and fitness, enjoying the benefits for years to come.

Membership at Get Fit Wellington is not required to participate. Contestants will record their progress with before and after photos, a short transformation video and by cataloging their progress over 90 days. Judging is based on overall body fat lost, lean mass gain, health improvements, before and after photos, the transformation video and a personal testimonial short essay. There will be multiple prizes awarded.

Sign up runs through Sept. 30. Each competitor has 90 days from their start date to complete the challenge. The final day to enroll is Nov. 29. For more information, visit