Local Students Give Back To Community

Kaitlynn Classen, Amanda Ng and Jessica Pescatore.

As the school year gets underway, Wellington High School freshman Amanda Ng is off to a good start for the community.

Ng and her brother have been collecting backpacks for Pleasant City Elementary School and the Belle Glade community since 2010.

Ng, who took over when her brother left for college three years ago, and realizing she is only four years from leaving for college, recruited second-grader Jessica Pescatore and sixth-grader Kaitlynn Classen to join her efforts, and hopefully take over when she leaves for college.

“I always believe in inspiring others to help join my community service efforts and hope they take it with them and inspire others,” Ng said. “I think wanting to help your community and not doing it because you don’t know how is the disease, and inspiring people to care is the cure.”

Ng would also like to thank Island Hospitality for its donation. If you would like to help, contact her at amanda.ng1204@gmail.com.