TKA Breaks Ground On Science & Technology Building

The King’s Academy held a groundbreaking ceremony for the start of construction on the new Boswell Science & Technology Center at its 8401 Belvedere Road campus on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

The new two-story facility will include a chemistry lab, three life science labs, four flexible design STEM classrooms and four offices.

The entire project was funded by $2.7 million in donations from parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of the school.

The center is named in honor of Holly and John Boswell for their significant donation to the project. Holly is an alumna of TKA, and the couple’s children, Rachel, Eve and Lois, currently attend the school. Holly’s father, Jeffrey Loveland, is TKA’s chief operating officer.

“I think when you become a parent, you start thinking about all the things that your parents sacrificed, and my parents sacrificed so much so that I and my brothers could have a private Christian education. I hope that I’m building that now into my kids, so that they will appreciate the legacy that their great-grandfather started, and also the Boswell legacy,” Boswell said. “I’m honored to be a Loveland; I’m honored to be a Boswell; and we are very privileged to be able to donate and further the vision that my grandfather started so many years ago.”

Jan Smith made a significant donation to the project, and a lab for chemistry and physics will be named in her honor. Smith’s son, Michael, is a TKA alumnus, and his son, Hunter, is a current student there.

“I’m standing here today because my wish and my hope is that every time my great-grandchildren walk into the Boswell Science & Technology Center… and they walk through the doors and they see my name on a plaque, that they will know their great-grandma was with them,” Smith said. “That they will know that I will be with them in spirit, sitting right beside them and lovingly watching over them as I was for my son and my grandson so many years before. I hope they feel the warmth and affection that I have for the King’s Academy, as I started our family journey so many years ago.”

The life science lab will be named in honor of the Rodila family. Additional donations to the project were made by the Arrington, Hedrick and Virkler families, as well as TKA President Randal Martin, Headmaster Doug Raines and Director of Development Glenn Martin.

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