AT&T Pioneers Donate Supplies To Palm Beach School For Autism

AT&T Pioneer Denise Caruso, Palm Beach School for Autism Director of Family Services Adriene Fern and AT&T Pioneer Louise Zehnder.

Students at the Palm Beach School for Autism recently received some much-needed items, including tech gadgets.

The Palm Beach County AT&T Pioneers recently donated an iPad with a protective screen and case; an iPod Touch; Vibe earbuds; an HP laptop computer; an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet; a Kindle Oasis e-reader cover; and various arts and crafts and school supplies.

The Lake Worth nonprofit charter school provides a loving, nurturing environment for children with autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities.

The AT&T Pioneers is a network of active and retired AT&T employees, who dedicate their time and money to improving their local communities.

The Palm Beach School for Autism is a nonprofit tuition-free charter school that serves children ranging from preschool age to 12th grade on the autism spectrum through individual education plans using teachers and therapists who are highly trained. The school focuses on independence, education, arts and more. For more info., visit