Office Near WEF Brings Fite Group’s Wide Reach To Wellington

Nadine Kuveke Fite and David Fite at Fite Group’s new office on South Shore Blvd. in Wellington.

Husband-and-wife team David Fite and Nadine Kuveke Fite recently brought their talents, agents and real estate firm Fite Group Luxury Homes to Wellington.

The new Wellington office is part of a growing network of Fite Group locations that has been expanding throughout Palm Beach County over the past nine years. It is with a national and international reach that Fite Group feels it has now opened a new office in a place that will bring clients from near and far to come to live in the Village of Wellington.

Fite Group Luxury Homes opened its new office in the Saddle Shoppes plaza across the street from the Winter Equestrian Festival show grounds.

“We’ve seen our business grow steadily, and we knew that it was time to have a physical presence here,” Nadine said. “We’re very fortunate to have found a space across the street from WEF. So, we already have tremendous name recognition with our listings and signs out in yards. It’s amazing that people are already aware of who we are here, so it’s pretty exciting.”

The key to building the luxury brand lies with the agents of the real estate firm, they said. The agents are in the field locally, while the firm’s owners help their agents throughout the Fite Group offices, as they also partner and make affiliations inside and outside of the United States.

“The key was to get the right agents who had to be able to work together. They’re all independent contractors, but they had to be able to work together, so we can actually do deals together and as a team, versus getting a cut for themselves. So that builds a culture that has helped us grow. Basically, our agents are our biggest cheerleaders for the firm,” David said. “Most of our recruits come in from our agents.”

Another key Fite Group component is that it is an owner-operator system.

“We do not compete with our agents,” Nadine explained. “Our goal is to make our agents be absolutely as successful as they can be, and we will do whatever it takes to support them, whether it’s going on a listing presentation or helping them with negotiations or strategizing.”

Furthermore, that mentality sees the two owners operating the phones and keeping communications open at the end of the work day. David said it takes extra hours to keep relationships with their agents successful, as much as it does with their clients.

“Our goal is to meet the needs of our agents, because if we are meeting the needs of our agents, we’re also exceeding the expectations of our clients,” Nadine added. “Responsiveness is key.”

She calls the relationship at all their offices a “culture of collaboration.”

“Whether it’s our support staff, we have an extensive marketing team; or the agents themselves, they share a lot of knowledge; and we’re actually able to do a lot of off-market deals because they want to help each other,” Nadine said.

Fite Group has national and international affiliations with other luxury real estate, marketing and brokerage firms.

“These are big, independent firms around the country and around the world that have banded together to form a strategic alliance, where we meet our customers back-and-forth, which helps us compete with the national brands, who give a lot of other services, but we’re actually actively going into markets and meeting and greeting and building personal relationships that make sense, and then people can feel confident,” David explained. “If I send 10 of our clients down into Wellington, I want to be dealing with them instead of sending down some affiliate of ours.”

Wellington is a surprisingly diverse place, and as Fite Group became more attuned to the community, it has helped them bring people to Wellington who may not have known that their interests, wants and needs can be met here locally.

“That specialization is key, because we like to say at Fite Group that, ‘We’re not selling listings, we’re selling a lifestyle,’” Nadine said. “So, we truly understand the various lifestyles of our clients, whether it’s equestrian, or tennis, or golf. There are also people who don’t want to live in that type of place. They want to live in a community that their kids can walk around, and they can walk to school.”

Currently, Fite Group has its flagship office on Palm Beach island, as well as offices in Delray Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and the newest location in Wellington.

Fite Group is excited for clients to discover the many different interests and lifestyles they can pursue and achieve in Wellington.

“There is such a great story to talk Wellington, and I think that’s going to make it very easy for us to promote Wellington, particularly to our clients coming in from elsewhere and trying to figure out where they want to live,” Nadine said.

Fite Group’s Wellington office is located in the Saddle Shoppes at 13501 South Shore Blvd. For more information, contact David Fite at, Nadine Kuveke Fite at, or visit