Newly Redesigned Florida Licenses Are Now Available In PBC

Newly redesigned Florida licenses and ID cards are available at each of the seven Palm Beach County Tax Collector offices.

The new design includes improved fraud protection measures, providing the most secure over-the-counter credential on the market today. Security enhancements include redundant data, ultraviolet ink and optically variable features.

“You do not need to replace your current, valid license or ID card,” Tax Collector Anne Gannon said. “When it expires, you will automatically receive the new design when you renew.”

The only exceptions are those individuals who do not have a Real ID-compliant license or ID card.

“If your current license or ID card does not have a gold star in the upper right corner, it is not Real ID compliant,” Gannon said. “You must come in to one of our service centers with the appropriate documentation to renew.”

Along with the critical anti-fraud enhancements, the new design incorporates lifetime designations for sportsmen, boater, freshwater, saltwater and hunting licenses. A new designation for the developmentally disabled is included, along with updated designations for veteran, organ donor and deaf/hard of hearing.

To learn more about Real ID and required documentation, visit the Palm Beach County Tax Collector’s web site at