Image Studios 360 Opens In RPB

Image Studios 360 is located in Southern Palm Crossing.

While there are several salon suites, which rent common spaces to various beauty professionals, Image Studio 360 Royal Palm Beach has distinguished itself by not only its design, but with its owner, Lenka Ginsburg.

In a time where “nasty woman,” “pant suit” and unwarranted advances are hot topics of conversation, Ginsburg brings her eternal optimism and a commitment to creating a supportive, non-competitive and compassionate culture for her tenants and the community.

Upon discovering the salon suites concept, Ginsburg knew she found the opportunity she had been looking for. It is the empowerment Image Studio 360 offers that she values most — the power to create a healthy work-life balance while allowing stylists to focus on their art at a high level.

Growing up in central Europe, Ginsburg’s determination and belief that anyone can reach their dreams became her springboard for “making it in America.” Today, she is a living example of what is possible, despite the personal odds or cultural and professional challenges. A single mother of three, Ginsburg’s passion lies in helping others realize their dreams and reach their full potential, making the Royal Palm Beach salon a perfect conduit.

“I am excited to add to South Florida’s vibrant life, and help men and women grow their business, as my location is an ideal way for beauty professionals to take their business to a new level,” Ginsburg said. “Each stylist who rents a suite has the freedom to design their own space and use the products they feel brings the highest quality to their clients, thus ultimately controlling their look, style and business.”

Image Studios 360 Royal Palm Beach occupies approximately 3,000 square feet and is outfitted with 25 salon studios. Conveniently located off Southern Blvd. in the Southern Palm Crossing shopping plaza, customers will have ample free parking.

For more info., visit, call (561) 515-4364 for a tour, or follow the salon on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.