Lox Dog Immortalized In Bronze Sculptures

Dr. Ginnie Sayre and Quasi Modo with the bronze scultpures.

Quasi Modo, named in 2015 as “World’s Ugliest Dog,” has now been immortalized in bronze. Owned by Michael Carroll and his wife, Dr. Ginnie Sayre, of Loxahatchee Groves, Quasi will now live on forever.

They commissioned Todd Frahm of Stone Cloud Studio in Asheville, N.C., to spent five days at their ranch last summer sculpting a life-size clay model of Quasi’s unique physique.

Eric Velleca, a former neighbor whose metal forging shop is near Stone Cloud Studio in Asheville, delivered the sculptures on Dec. 4. The finished bronze sculptures are nearly life-like, even down to Quasi’s collar. Each casting is about 80 pounds — more than double Quasi’s actual weight of 35 lbs.