Zoo Thanks Monkey Mania Habitat Donors Julie And Mike Connors

Monkey Mania habitat donors Julie and Mike Connors.

The Board of Directors of the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society gathered with supporters on Dec. 28 to celebrate the grand opening of the zoo’s newest habitat, Monkey Mania, generously funded by zoo supporters Julie and Mike Connors.

Monkey Mania is home to an extended family of squirrel monkeys that are part of an Association of Zoos & Aquariums Species Survival Plan (SSP).

“We are extremely appreciative of the Connors’ support of our important work and their eagerness to fund the construction of this beautiful habitat for our squirrel monkeys,” said Bridget Baratta, the Palm Beach Zoo’s chief development officer.

Squirrel monkeys stick together in family groups called troops, which may contain up to 500 monkeys. These adorable creatures are arboreal, spending 99 percent of their time living and moving in the trees. Deforestation poses a threat to squirrel monkey populations by causing habitat fragmentation.

Some monkeys have been spotted in Florida due to illegal releases and escapes from the pet trade.

Monkeys may look cute, but they are not ideal pets. They can be mischievous and destructive, and potentially carry diseases hazardous to human health.

Monkey Mania will provide a safe habitat for the monkeys to live and flourish while educating the public about their plight.