Ibis Charities Food Drive Collects Donations

Co-chairs Jackie Kornfeld, Rick Carpenter, Palm Beach County Food Bank Executive Director Karen Erren, Felice Carpenter and Ellie Lucas.

On Jan. 28, more than 1,700 residents throughout the 33 neighborhoods of the Ibis Golf & Country Club joined forces in the annual Ibis Charities Food Drive to benefit the Palm Beach County Food Bank. A total of 22,000 pounds of food was collected with cash donations totaling $14,000. Co-chairs of the event were Felice and Rick Carpenter with Jackie Kornfeld and Ellie Lucas. Committee members included Shelby Jackson and Lolly Katz.

Now in its sixth year, the food drive total donations to date are more than 117,000 pounds of food and $68,000 in cash donations. It all goes to help hungry residents across Palm Beach County through the Palm Beach County Food Bank, which serves more than 100,000 Palm Beach County residents each month.

In addition to Ibis residents, employees of the country club also got involved, holding competitions among its various departments to see which could garner the most donations. The Ibis Property Owners Association also helped with promotion of the food drive and provided security and helped with logistics the day of the event.

“The annual Ibis Charities Food Drive is a wonderful example of neighbors helping neighbors right here in Palm Beach County,” Palm Beach County Food Bank Executive Director Karen Erren said. “Food collected through food drives holds special significance because of its nutritious value. We are so grateful for the impact that this food drive has on those in need. We invite more communities and civic groups to organize food drives, which would significantly increase our ability to provide food to those we serve.”

For more information, contact Food Resource Coordinator Janice Barreto at (561) 670-2518, ext. 315, or janice@pbcfoodbank.org.