New Horizons Elementary School Offers Many Extracurricular Clubs

New Horizons Elementary School is well-known as one of only three elementary schools recognized as an International Spanish Academy. However, New Horizons offers many opportunities for all of its students to participate in after-school programs.

The school utilizes grants to fund a robust tutorial program for students that need support in reading or math.

Beyond that, the school hosts other clubs, including art club and chorus, which participate in several community and equestrian events throughout the school year.

More than 200 students participate weekly in the school’s running club, hosted by physical education teacher Kirstin Voitus. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the chess club, computer coding club, Spanish club and many others.

Students and parents both enjoy the opportunity for students to interact with each other in these diverse settings. The school will strive to continue to offer opportunities for students to participate in activities such as these.