Operation Wild Stallion Update

On Thursday, Jan. 25, Wellington staff joined Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office representatives and local business establishments for a teleconference to review progress made on Operation Wild Stallion, which is combating drunk driving and underage alcohol sales in Wellington.

The PBSO reported statistics since Dec. 1, including 28 DUI arrests, two arrests for underage alcohol sales at local stores, 1,051 traffic stops and three fake ID incidents. All commented that the fake IDs being used are very difficult to detect. Some business owners have taken to refusing service to anyone who appears to be underage, regardless of identification.

In order to further assist with the effort, some establishments are utilizing a wristband system to help identify patrons of legal drinking age and using Uber to safely transport patrons who appear to be inebriated. Business owners report that patrons often arrive from other venues having already consumed too much alcohol. Owners also reported instances of parents allowing underage children to consume alcoholic beverages.

Business representatives reported being pleased with the coordination with the village and PBSO to address the issues. Staff will continue with monthly teleconferences, scheduled to take place the last Thursday of each month at 2 p.m.


  1. This is a great article! Thanks! I think the Operation Wild Stallion program will save lives and protect people. Safety is so important. God bless us all!

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