Wellington El Students Operate On Text

Natalie Powers’ class celebrates success in the “operating room.”

The third-grade classes of Natalie Powers and Karlie Young at Wellington Elementary School recently had an amazing experience when they got the chance to operate on text features in the classroom.

The classroom was set up as an operating room, and the students wore scrubs and masks and had to perform different tasks on text using a variety of instruments. The classes will never forget this experience of being “surgeons” while learning about text features.

Students were divided into operating teams and given the materials necessary to perform surgery on a patient: non-fiction text, scissors, glue, tweezers and Band-Aids. Each team of doctors had to look through the text and find one of two text features, for the 10 places the patient needed to be operated.

After surgery, the students were required to answer the purpose of the text features and reflect on their learning in their “Patient Files.”