Wellington Seeks Community Center Program Proposals

The Wellington Community Center.

The Wellington Parks & Recreation Department is seeking proposals for new classes and programs at the Wellington Community Center.

The village offers a variety of classes and programs at the facility. It continues to look for independent contractors who wish to share their talents, positive energy and expertise through new community center programs.

Chris O’Connor, community programs coordinator for the village, is receiving proposal submissions. “We’re trying to look and see if there is anyone who has interest in providing something like what we suggested, or something beyond that maybe we aren’t thinking of,” O’Connor said.

Some of the suggested program ideas include handyman do-it-yourself shop classes, photography and videography classes, cooking and food prep classes, art classes of various forms, wellness programs such as tai chi and education programs.

The proposals are not limited to these program ideas, and the department looks to find ways to offer community programs to all age groups.

“We’re trying to take some programs that are usually geared toward adults, but we’re trying to see how that would do with kids, too,” O’Connor said. “We’re offering kids’ meditation and kids’ yoga classes. We’re hoping to see how that takes effect, and we’re hoping it gets a strong foothold here.”

O’Connor said the department learns about program ideas through its own meetings, as well as through word of mouth out in the community during events.

“We’ve had success with people just reaching out to us and saying, ‘Hey, we’d like to provide Zumba in the area,’” O’Connor said. “For example, one of our dance programs has had a lot of success here.”

O’Connor said it is important for proposal submissions to be clear and concise.

“For us, details definitely help. The more specific you are in, one, what you can provide and, two, what you’re interested in providing, that definitely helps,” O’Connor said. “Flexibility is a big thing, too, so knowing we can plug in a day and time and see how it works.”

O’Connor said the department takes care to provide programs that are flexible to the community members it aims to provide for.

“Ultimately, every program is going to benefit regarding what the interest might be out there for it, so if the interest is more focused toward parents, it may be easier to get them at a time that is convenient for them, such as in the afternoon or a weekend class or an evening class.”

O’Connor said the department is open to having short-term programs at the community center, but the main goal is to start programs that have longevity. “We’re definitely looking for people to be long-term committed and to grow with us,” he said. “I would say that some of these programs might be four-week sessions, might be six-week sessions. They might be one week out of the month.”

The village is still gearing up for camps and other programs it will offer in the summer, but there are some to look forward to in the spring.

“We already have a multi-cultural arts and crafts camp for spring break, and we’re kind of looking to expand on that,” O’Connor said. “We do have a natural living program based on home items that you can use going forward.”

O’Connor has been in his position at the village for more than a year and continues to support the initiative to offer a variety of programs to the entire community. He assists in village-wide functions that include 5K events all the way up to the annual Fall Festival.

“What I’m trying to do here is provide what we can, and do a little extra, because we’ve got a nice facility here we’re working out of,” he said.

All proposals can be submitted to O’Connor at the Wellington Community Center, located at 12150 W. Forest Hill Blvd. Details in proposals should include, at minimum, a program curriculum, time and day availability, program duration, fees and the professional background of the instructor(s). O’Connor also pointed out to potential applicants that independent contractors are not Wellington employees.

For proposal inquiries, contact O’Connor at coconnor@wellingtonfl.gov or (561) 612-6697. To learn more about the Wellington Community Center, visit www.wellingtonfl.gov/community center.