Indian Trail Reschedules Postponed Meeting To March 29

The Indian Trail Improvement District Board of Supervisors has several important items on its agenda for a meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 29 at 6:30 p.m., which was postponed from March 14.

They include the new district manager employment agreement with acting manager Rob Robinson, an agreement with GL Homes to accept a 640-acre potential reservoir, road planning options and possible water control options.

“We’re talking about adopting a new road plan, some of these roads that are currently in the water plan, that we can come to an agreement on that and move forward with a community plan, so we’re looking for input from the board and the community on that,” ITID President Betty Argue told the Town-Crier on Wednesday.

The board will discuss the R3 plan prepared by the district engineer, which concentrates on specific roadway segment issues at schools and parks. The R3 plan builds on the district’s R1 plan, which was to have a paved road within one mile of all residential lots, and the R2 plan, which was to have a paved road within a half mile of all residential lots.

The R3 road paving plan can generally be described as all the active units of development in the M-1 and M-2 basins.

“Then, the drainage project is still on the agenda,” Argue said. “They’re looking for different direction to developing priorities for the next budget year and the next legislative session.”

Discussion will include use of the 640-acre potential reservoir offered by GL Homes and how to develop it, and enhancement of a pump system to the Moss property. The board will discuss whether the district will allow the owner, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, legal access to the property, which it does not currently have, and whether Indian Trail will allow others to operate the impoundment and the 640-acre GL Homes reservoir.

The estimated cost for the Moss pilot project is about $400,000. The district has a South Florida Water Management District agreement for $150,000 and is seeking other grant money.

GL Homes offered to donate the 640 acres to the district as part of an agreement for the district to cooperate in GL’s development of a large tract of property it owns northwest of The Acreage for residential and some commercial use.

“The 640 acres that they’re donating to Indian Trail requires a land use approval, so they have to have an agreement with Indian Trail and put it into escrow by April 1,” Argue said. “We’ve been negotiating that agreement, and that’s now pretty much ready for approval.”

Supervisors will also discuss the planned redirection of some ITID water from the M-O Canal through the Mecca Farms property northward to re-nourish the Loxahatchee Slough Natural Area, which has been depleted by development. They will also get an update on the Acreage Community Park expansion and consider playground options for the park and hear a presentation on grants for ITID projects.

Argue added that ITID has been successful scheduling a workshop on April 4 with the county on the status of the future of 60th Street North, which the county is planning to widen and pave.