IPC’s March Low-Goal League Makes Way For April Tourneys

Low Goal League play will continue in April at IPC. Photo By Alex Pacheco

The Polo School at the International Polo Club Palm Beach will continue to offer its popular 6 to 8 goal league for polo enthusiasts and fans through the month of April due to the strong response from inaugural tournament play.

The league, which started in early March, has seen increased participation weekly and has drawn both patrons and professionals to IPC during the week. The league aims to cater to players who are looking for a safe, fun way to play in a group setting.

Teams will consist of two patrons and two professional players. The league will host an additional four tournaments in addition to the four-week tournament organized by IPC in the month of March. Games will run four chukkers each, and each team is guaranteed two games per tournament.

“Seeing new patrons, as well as some existing patrons, participate in our Low Goal Challenge was extremely encouraging in March,” said Gates Gridley, manager of the Polo School at IPC and coordinator of the Low Goal League. “We look forward to expanding the level of play to finish out the 2018 season, so that we can give a sample of what we anticipate for our leagues in 2019. The ultimate goal is to continue to grow the sport of polo both within the equestrian world, and to the general public.”

Each team entered in league competition will play in a single-elimination game format. Awards for Best Playing Pony, Most Valuable Player, Best Tournament Performance and Best Tournament Goal will be awarded at the end of each tournament.

Following both final matches of each tournament there will be a field-side asado for players to celebrate. Students and players taking lessons at other clubs in the area are welcome to join the league and can enter by contacting Gates Gridley at jgridley@equestriansport.com.

All games will be umpired by USPA-certified umpires and officials. Participating players will be able to learn the rules of the game, as well as play in a safe, controlled environment.

Don’t have your own polo ponies? No problem! The Polo School at IPC will supply horses for games and matches throughout league play. IPC has also already began holding competitive individual test matches at the 6 to 12 goal level. These matches will continue to be held for those looking to improve their game, based on demand.

For more information on the league and pricing, or to sign up for a team, contact Gates Gridley at jgridley@equestriansport.com or (203) 232-6935. To learn more about the Polo School at IPC, visit www.internationalpoloclub.com.