Mario Crocetti Recognized For His Years Of Service

The Wellington Village Council recognized longtime Wellington High School Principal Mario Crocetti on Tuesday, March 28. Crocetti was honored for his years of service in various Palm Beach County schools. Crocetti began both his teaching and administrative careers at Crestwood Middle School in the 1980s. He served as principal of Wellington Landings Middle School from 1997 until he took over as principal at WHS in 2008, where he worked until he retired last month. “You have changed education in this village,” Vice Mayor John McGovern told Crocetti. “You’ve had a hand in much of the excellence in education that exists in Wellington today, and you deserve great credit.” Shown above are Vice Mayor John McGovern, Councilwoman Tanya Siskind, Mayor Anne Gerwig, Mario Crocetti, Annette Crocetti, Councilman Michael Napoleone and Councilman Michael Drahos.