Special Recognition For Wellington Safety Program

Wellington representatives accept the two Safety Awards.

The Safety Council of Palm Beach County recognized Wellington for its safety program and vehicle safety during the 21st annual Safety Awards luncheon on March 8.

Wellington is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all village employees. Wellington’s Safety Committee focuses on education and training, to prevent accidents before they happen.

Established in 2005, the Safety Committee provides a comprehensive review of potential workplace and job site hazards. Within the last year, the village has cemented its commitment to safety by creating a full-time position for a dedicated safety officer. The safety officer will use both leading and lagging indicators as safety control measures, to create and maintain a safe workplace environment.

The safety officer will focus on creating and implementing a safety program for the Village of Wellington; establishing and tracking safety training curriculum and performance; conducting departmental safety audits and inspections; working closely with managers and supervisors to create a top-down safety environment within the village; and managing and conducting Wellington’s Public Safety Committee and associated meetings.

Wellington is also proud to receive the Award of Merit for Vehicle Safety, reaffirming its commitment to having one of the safest vehicle programs and drivers in Palm Beach County.