European Wax Center Brings Its Luxurious Services To Wellington

Lisa Monica Schiller, owner of the new European Wax Center in Wellington.

By M. Dennis Taylor

While practicing as a business lawyer for 24 years, Lisa Monica Schiller always wanted to own her own business. As a guest of European Wax Center for a decade, she was familiar with the company’s product and quality of service. When she discovered that EWC had an attractive franchise territory available, it was a match made in Wellington.

“I couldn’t imagine a better opportunity for me than owning an EWC franchise,” said Schiller, whose new business recently opened at 2557 State Road 7, in Wellington’s Whole Foods Market plaza.

“The company did its research and saw a need for an EWC in the Wellington area,” Schiller explained. “I was lucky enough to be presented the opportunity. I can’t imagine a better location than Wellington’s unique hometown, family environment. EWC is the perfect addition to a community that expects and deserves the highest quality services.”

Schiller has been using the services offered by EWC since 2008. “I’ve always been a believer in the services and the products, and how EWC always helped me to reveal my most beautiful skin,” she said. “Now I can help so many gorgeous men and women in Wellington do the same.”

As the brand leader in beauty waxing services, EWC has developed a strong reputation as a firm dedicated to helping its guests reveal beautiful skin with a waxing experience that is luxurious, yet affordable — leaving guests feeling pampered.

“This is why we provide our guests with the ultimate wax experience and pampering from the moment they step into the center to the moment they strut out,” Schiller said.

To make the waxing experience as comfortable as possible, EWC uses an all-natural, non-strip, proprietary Comfort Wax formula developed in Paris and implements the Four Steps to Gorgeous Process — Cleanse, Prepare, Wax and Rejuvenate. Services are provided by specially trained wax experts, with prices ranging from $12 (lip) to $71 (full leg). Services all take place in one of EWC’s private wax suites.

Schiller said that EWC’s success can be attributed to exceptional customer care, premium quality services and products, and the belief that luxurious waxing should be attainable to anyone seeking beautiful skin. Regular waxing, she noted, ensures that hair grows back softer, finer and sparser, making ongoing maintenance much more comfortable.

“Our process has been scientifically conceived to exfoliate, beautify and care for skin,” Schiller said. “Each and every EWC features the highest level of professionalism, timeliness, unparalleled products and the top experts available in waxing and customer service — all in a chic and sophisticated European-inspired center. But the number-one reason our guests return is that they love the way we consistently deliver smooth, silky skin from the most comfortable wax experience they’ve ever had. We’re so confident our guests will love it, the first one is free.”

EWC’s exclusive wax, made from the finest elastomers and polymers, features 100 percent natural beeswax that is applied at a comfortable bath water temperature, which allows the wax to be applied in larger sections compared to other waxes, and it does not contain alcohol, which can result in cracking, drying and irritation.

The store also carries its own line of pre-wax and post-wax maintenance products designed to care for and improve the skin, including cleanser, lotion, exfoliate, eyebrow shaper and restorer. “The proprietary EWC product line will improve the way the skin looks, feels and responds to the hair regrowth process,” Schiller explained.

In addition to moving waxing out of spas and into the local neighborhood, EWC’s wax pass program, competitive pricing and operating hours make it easier for everyone to enjoy the benefits of waxing.

“We are open seven days a week, with late evening hours to accommodate busy schedules,” Schiller said. “And with close to 700 centers open nationwide, guests can enjoy our first-class experience that is consistent every single time at every location. Plus, guests have the luxury of using their wax passes in any EWC throughout the country.”

Schiller said that the EWC product line, Strut 365, lets EWC guests be their most gorgeous self, every day, through their collections: Strut Smoothly, Strut Lavishly and Strut Boldly. “Whether searching for something to maintain gorgeous skin in between waxes, something to seduce the senses while bringing out the skin’s natural radiance or something with which to achieve daily ‘browfection,’ there is something for everyone,” Schiller said.

Formulated with its own key ingredient complex to produce results that will leave skin looking renewed and refreshed, each of Strut 365’s portfolio of products are free of parabens and mineral oil, and are enriched with ingredients to keep skin nourished and protected.

“The exclusive proprietary Comfort Blend, featured in eight products, is designed to help replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier,” Schiller explained. “Infused with the highest grade Roman chamomile, aloe vera, Vitamin E, English cucumber and Mediterranean Sea kelp, this complex calms, nourishes and restores to reveal the most beautiful skin.”

EWC’s hair growth inhibitor, Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract, is featured in four products and helps visibly slow hair regrowth between waxes.

“The bulb of this flowering plant has been shown to significantly reduce the length of the hair shaft while inducing the hair into the catagen of the hair cycle, at which time the hair stops growing and gets ready to shed,” Schiller said. “In other words, Strut 365 continues to work for your skin in between waxes to ensure visibly smooth and hair-free skin.”

Founded by siblings David and Josh Coba in 2004, the EWC concept is to bring its unique waxing expertise and experience to women and men across the United States in a modern environment with crisp, clean lines, private waxing suites, the most professionally trained waxing experts and exceptional service. For women, the first brow, underarm or bikini line wax is always complimentary, and for men, the first brow, nose or ear service is complimentary.

“Also, with EWC’s product line, luxurious waxing and proprietary products can be incorporated into everyone’s beauty regimen, enabling everyone to reveal beautiful skin,” said Schiller, who added that her new business looks forward to becoming deeply involved in the Wellington community.

Schiller invites guests to come celebrate the location’s grand opening at “Brows, Bikinis & Bellinis” on Saturday, May 5 from noon to 4 p.m. There will be delicious food, drinks and fun music.

For more info., call (561) 257-5099 or visit