Royal Palm Beach Aims To Get Teens Involved In Recreation Activities

Angel Gardner with Mya Gardner, who addressed the board about recreation programming for teens.

Getting local teenagers involved more in recreational activities and finding ways to utilize parks and village facilities available for events were topics of consideration at the Royal Palm Beach Recreation Advisory Board meeting Monday, April 23.

Royal Palm Beach High School National Honor Society Vice President Mya Gardner offered suggestions to the board.

“I am here to discuss how the Village of Royal Palm Beach and the students at Royal Palm Beach High School can build a better relationship,” Gardner said. “Hearing from the student body at the high school, students would like more events that the students can relate to at the recreational center. One of the events could include small parties or sporting events for teens on Friday or Saturday nights. Most of the students like hanging out with friends or doing active activities with friends.”

Another suggestion was Yoga for Teens. “These classes cannot happen during the school day,” Gardner said. “We would ask for classes set up for Saturday mornings or Saturday afternoons.”

Gardner said that her organization would help promote the programs.

“We, as the National Honor Society, are willing to use our social media resources to get the word out about these events,” she said. “We also would like to encourage students to speak with us about what they would like the Village of Royal Palm Beach to host for teens in the area.”

Gardner noted that the National Honor Society is one of the biggest groups within the school and includes all parts of the school’s diverse demographics.

“Every member can relate to almost everyone in our school,” she said. “The National Honor Society helps to ensure that the student body of our school and the community have a strong relationship.”

Royal Palm Beach Parks & Recreation Director Lou Recchio said that the village is seeking ways to better communicate with high school students. “We would like to know what we can do to help find out what they need and might want within the village,” he said. “We do have a representative who goes to the Royal Palm Beach High School meeting once a month, and in the past, we have had a school representative come to us. We need to find out what our teens need and what they want.”

The board then brainstormed ideas on how to get more teenagers involved and to make sure they do not feel neglected or left out of the community’s recreational activities.

In other news, it was announced that Carlos Morales, the community and cultural events superintendent who has worked for Royal Palm Beach for many years, will be moving on. The village will hold a goodbye lunch for him on Friday at noon at the Royal Palm Beach Recreation Center.