State Honors Polo Park’s High Impact Teachers

(L-R) Jim Ring, Kevin Theroux, Sue Word, Sonia Llewellyn, Sandra Hruska, Susan Peric, Hope Shirey, Mark Climo, Jamie Senese, Craig Kaliser and Matt Besman.

Recently, the State of Florida recognized 11 Polo Park Middle School teachers for being among the highest impact teachers in the state.

The Florida Department of Education reviewed student growth data, based on statewide standardized assessments in the subjects of reading, mathematics and algebra, and found that the impact these teachers had on student growth was “among the most positive in the state.”

These results were achieved with classes that included students of all levels. The teachers recognized were: Craig Kaliser, Sandra Hruska, Kevin Theroux, Sonia Llewellyn and Jamie Senese (language arts); Matt Besman, Mark Climo, Sue Word and Jim Ring (math); and Susan Peric and Hope Shirey (reading).