Do The Write Thing Honors Emerald Cove Students

Emerald Cove student honorees Michael Arco, Dakota Coberley, Jade Butcher, Deeksha Kumaresh, Alexander Lewis, Agatha Lockhart, Isabella Lorenzo, Noah Mantor, Michelle Qi and Justin Hersh with teachers Kimberly Stellman, Ryan Frierson, Staci Dorish and Craig Butz, and Principal Dr. Eugina Feaman.

Emerald Cove Middle School students recently participated in the Do the Write Thing Challenge, where they wrote about how violence has affected their life, what the causes of youth violence are and what they thought they could do about it. On May 8, 10 ECMS students were honored at the Do the Write Thing luncheon at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

Emerald Cove is proud to have seventh-grader Justin Hersh chosen as the boy ambassador for all Palm Beach County middle schools. He will be honored again on July 18 in Washington, D.C., where he has been invited to share his story along with other young ambassadors.