WCFL Free Clinic June 9 At Village Park

The Western Communities Football League (WCFL), which has been the starting point for numerous major college and NFL players, is hosting a free USA Football Heads Up clinic on Saturday, June 9 from 9 a.m. to noon at Village Park on Pierson Road. The clinic is open to anyone thinking about joining the WCFL or currently playing.

The WCFL is a certified USA Football Heads Up league. USA Football has worked with leaders in both medicine and sport across the country to create a full-featured program that any league or school can use to address key safety issues, and ensure that every coach understands and knows how to implement each component of the program.

“Football is now as safe as ever, and we want parents to know how serious the WCFL takes the safety of the kids playing football,” WCFL President John Navarro said. “WCFL is all about the kids, from safety to character building and doing well in school. Our goal is that the kids leave the WCFL with better tools to succeed in anything they do in life.”

Having a Heads Up Football program in place, with teams led by USA Football certified coaches, goes a long way toward showing that youth football is being taught the right way. “Our coaches are not just your neighbor or a dad throwing on a whistle and calling themselves a coach,” WCFL Board Member K.C. Jones said. “We require all our coaches to be certified Heads Up coaches and coach the Heads Up technique. This helps to ensure all of our coaches are consistently coaching the same program with safety as our number-one priority.”

Another positive toward making the sport safer is the improved equipment and required higher standards.

“The equipment is much better than it was five years ago, especially the helmets and shoulder pads, which help reduce the potential for injuries,” WCFL Board Member James Bolden said.

The WCFL 2018 tackle football registration is now open. Register at www.wcflfootball.com.