Young Singers To Host 15th Anniversary Concert May 20

Young Singers of the Palm Beaches singer Sidney O’Gorman.

Young Singers of the Palm Beaches invites the community to attend its 15th anniversary spring concert, “Why We Sing,” on Sunday, May 20 at 4 p.m. at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts.

Young Singers is a 350-singer strong community children’s choir. They have won numerous awards and have performed throughout Palm Beach County and beyond.

Throughout the printed program that the audience will receive are answers to the title “Why We Sing” in the words of choir members. Additionally, hanging on silver tree branches in the lobby will be additional quotes from the children on why they sing and what singing means to them.

Bel Canto choir member Kale Jette said, “I love to sing. It’s something my family and friends are a part of. It’s nice to be in an environment where everyone can sing their hearts out.”

Cantate choir member Mickela Pitter noted, “I sing to touch the hearts of others in hopes of one day everyone coming together despite each other’s differences.”

Songs to be performed include “Let Our Light Shine.” Young Singers’ founder and artistic director Shawn Berry wrote this song in 2008 to bring focus to the fact that singing can be a light to others. The young boy singing on the opening video at the concert is Sidney O’Gorman when he was in third grade. Video Sidney will be joined live on stage by the now 12th-grade Sidney, a ten-year Young Singers member. He will pass the torch to younger choir member Oliver Goodman.

“At YSPB, we get to experience the importance of singing weekly,” Berry said. “We know that singing inspires courageous self-expression to those who feel invisible or afraid, and it speaks to our oneness by dipping into the same universe of notes, tones, melodies, voices, rhythm, harmony, color, feelings, human experience and creative spirit.”

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