Lion Country Safari Expanding Lion Section

Lion Country Safari has begun expansion of the lion habitat in the four-mile drive-through preserve.

The project will expand the seven-acre section for the existing lions and accommodate a conservation and breeding program for a new pride of lions. There will be multiple lion viewing areas.

The project, scheduled for completion by mid-July, will pave the way for young, genetically valuable lions to form the core of a breeding pride at the park. This new pride consists of three females and two males. Lion Country Safari looks forward to future years of successful breeding and the birth of cubs in 2019.

The park, at the forefront of exceptional lion care, anticipates future cubs to contribute significantly to lion conservation and the AZA’s African Lion Species Survival Plan. SSP programs, such as this one, allow zoos to care for healthy, genetically viable populations of threatened and endangered animals whose reproduction helps to ensure the survival of the species.

Lion Country Safari is the only drive-through safari in South Florida. Guests can see more than 1000 animals on 320 acres. The park is also home to the largest herd of zebras in the country. To learn more, call (561) 793-1084 or visit