Top Honors For New Horizons International Spanish Academy

The New Horizons Elementary School Flamenco Dance Group.

New Horizons Elementary School is a choice school for a dual language immersion program recognized by the Education Consulate through the Ministry of Spain as being an International Spanish Academy. As such, students enrolled within the program receive instruction in English and Spanish daily, take part in cultural celebrations throughout the year, and build cultural awareness and an understanding of multiculturalism.

Students participating in the program are expected to leave elementary school being bilingual, biliterate and bicultural, able to communicate, read, write, understand and appreciate Hispanic culture. This unique partnership with the Ministry of Spain and international recognition is shared only with two other elementary schools in Palm Beach County.

New Horizons was recently recognized as the third best International Spanish Academy in all of North America. The application process included submitting a paper application, creating a portfolio, meeting with members from the Education Consulate of Spain and having them tour the school. New Horizons boasts a diverse teaching staff with teachers recruited from Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Puerto Rico, Columbia and Cuba. New Horizons is also home to the most diverse student body in all of the Wellington elementary schools, in part because of the International Spanish Academy. This diversity in both the faculty and student body are celebrated at New Horizons as part of the dual language program.

The International Spanish Academy is a tremendous source of pride for New Horizons, which was the first elementary school in Palm Beach County to be recognized as such a program. Beyond the general academic bilingual program offered to all students enrolled in the academy, students also have the opportunity to participate in clubs, such as the Spanish Club and the Flamenco Dance Group. The Flamenco group has danced at various Wellington events over the years. The group performed recently at the International Spanish Academy Student Symposium held at John I. Leonard High School. The symposium also featured fifth-grade student Avery Trieste, who enrolled in the program when she was very young and did not know any Spanish. Trieste delivered a wonderful speech in Spanish, celebrating all that she had learned and the relationships she had cultivated as part of her participation in the program.

As an International Spanish Academy, New Horizons also has benefited this year from a partnership with the Norton Museum of Art. Through this partnership, students from New Horizons have been able to visit the museum several times and have also taken part of a year-long arts integration project shared at the Norton Museum Family Day.

New Horizons is proud to have received this special recognition this school year. Principal Betsy Cardozo and Dual Language Coach Melissa Arcos will be traveling to Washington, D.C. to represent the school and also to be recognized for the wonderful work being done at New Horizons.

The International Spanish Academy at New Horizons Elementary School is open to all students via the Palm Beach County Choice and Career Options Department’s lottery. Parents interested in applying for their child to attend the school should submit an application when the window opens next school year. Information is available at