Sinicki Joins Legal Graphicworks As Creative Services Editor

Kevin Sinicki

Getting inside the heads of juries to clearly and effectively communicate, educate and persuade in order to win cases requires not only superior graphic design prowess, creative video production professionals and leading trial support technology, but it takes intellectual expertise in a number of fields. That’s why Jim Lucas, president and CEO of Legal Graphicworks and LGW Mediaworks, continues to beef up his team of experts.

This group of trial support professionals, with backgrounds in architecture, law, art history, engineering, information technology, animation, printing, medical illustration, marketing, psychology and broadcast journalism, welcomes new Creative Services Editor Kevin Sinicki, husband of Virginia Sinicki of WRMF’s KVJ Show.

“Kevin’s experience is varied and deep, and adds an important additional layer of expertise to the team,” Lucas said. “He’s like the Swiss army knife of media and can step seamlessly into virtually every aspect of what we do here. We’re lucky to have him.”

Born in Buffalo, N.Y., Kevin moved to Florida at age 13 and later attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He landed an internship with a local ABC affiliate and quickly parlayed that break into a video editing position, later becoming chief editor.

Always hungry to learn and grow, Kevin honed his skills not only behind the camera shooting, writing and storytelling through film and video, but he put his bent for getting the story, and getting it out, to the test as an on-air news reporter.

Over the next 15 years, he continued to sharpen his skills, married a funny, outspoken radio host — now, Virginia Sinicki of WRMF Radio’s KVJ Show — had two children and decided to switch professional gears. Kevin joined a startup, The Law TV, as a production manager, traveling the country and producing online videos for law firms. Later, he founded Panda Media, a television commercial and event production company.

Now, Sinicki will apply that lifetime of experience to yet a new area as creative services editor for Legal Graphicworks and LGW Mediaworks.

Legal Graphicworks is a vanguard media company consistently achieving clients’ desired results though the innovative use of technology, graphics and the ability to translate complex information into a simple, compelling story.

By developing innovative trial presentations that convey a clear story in cases that involve difficult facts, such as in complex civil litigation, Legal Graphicworks has built a national reputation for excellence. The company has provided visual media in many high-profile national trials, including the Casey Anthony trial in Orlando and the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial in Los Angeles.

Legal Graphicworks has a distinct understanding of the methods best used to facilitate the communication of complex information and concepts.

As a leader in the industry, the firm’s specialty is consulting with clients to come up with the best and most creative solutions.

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