Berean Student Excels In Science Research

Andre Rajoo

Andre Rajoo, a junior at Berean Christian School, has made significant strides, to the point of being invited to compete at the State Science Fair in Lakeland, as determined by the Palm Beach Intel Regional Science Fair officials. This placement represents only the second time in Berean Christian School’s history that a student has competed at this level.

Rajoo became interested in working with stem cells through his course studies and experiments that included multiplying live planarian flatworms by dividing them in half. He was so enthralled with his class work that he went above and beyond the classroom to continue on his own, branching out to the college level and beyond.

Through independent research and study, Rajoo was able to discover that stem cell planarians regenerated their bodies when cut or damaged. Through his work with magnetic field exposure and stem cell planarians, he used the data and results that he collected to take first place in the school level science fair and, ultimately, fourth place in the regional science fair.

Furthermore, Rajoo designed a web site in order to develop his and other’s stem cell research, and based on his passion for this scientific study, Rajoo was invited to attend an elite program at Harvard University. Rajoo feels this invaluable opportunity afforded him the possibilities beyond any of his expectations, being able to work with many new concepts, scientific equipment/resources and renowned medical professionals.

Additionally, Rajoo caught the attention of a genetic medical professional, Dr. Burton Feinerman of Wellington Regional Medical Center’s stem cell division, to assist in implementing innovative procedures to formulate unique ways of treating patients with late-stage kidney disease. Through knowledge, passion and determination, Rajoo is contributing to the advancement of medical science.

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