Bar Web Site Offers Info On Judicial Candidates

Want to know more about the local judicial candidates on the Aug. 28 ballot? Wondering what Florida’s lawyers think about the appeals court judges facing a merit retention vote? Online and in print, the Florida Bar provides a wealth of information as part of its initiative to educate voters about judicial elections.

Detailed information on more than 100 county and circuit court judicial candidates is available on the Florida Bar’s web site. The opportunity to submit a voluntary self-disclosure statement was offered to all candidates for contested county and circuit court seats. The 10-page statements give voters basic biographical information, legal experience and community work, as well as a short essay on why candidates feel they would be good judges. Statements are available at

The bar also has printed 100,000 copies of its “Guide for Florida Voters,” which is available at supervisor of elections offices throughout the state and at many public libraries. It also is available to civic groups upon request. E-mail for more info.

The bar’s “The Vote’s in Your Court” web page at is a go-to source for information on judicial merit retention. There, voters will find a guide that answers many questions voters might have about November’s merit retention elections, including the appeals court judges and one supreme court justice up for merit retention votes.