WES Welcomes Back Faculty With Breakfast

Principal Dr. Maria Vaughan, Instructional Superintendent Vivian Green and Assistant Principal Jenny Duesler.

On Friday, Aug. 6, Wellington Elementary School faculty was welcomed back by administration with breakfast at the Madison Green Country Club. A delicious buffet breakfast was served, along with inspirational speeches from Principal Dr. Maria Vaughan, Assistant Principal Jenny Duesler and Instructional Superintendent Vivian M. Green.

It was also the first faculty meeting for the new school year. Introductions of new faculty members took place, along with faculty sharing their celebrations during the summer. PTO members spoke, along with being responsible for the beautiful decorations, bookkeeping procedures were discussed by bookkeeper Laurie Maglocco, and substitute procedures were discussed by school administrative assistant Carey Fox.

WES is proud to be an “A” rated school this year, and the teachers were complimented for working so hard and diligently.