New Chromebooks Are A Hit At Wellington Elementary School

Jessica Purtell’s fifth graders use their new class set of touch-screen Chromebooks to review for their upcoming math test using Kahoot. Students also used the Chromebooks to create an original quiz using Google Forms, which students then sent to their classmates for additional skill practice.

Jessica Purtell’s fourth and fifth grade classes at Wellington Elementary School have been busy utilizing their new Chromebooks for all different types of projects.

Purtell is a Technology Trailblazer for the school district and is excited to have the new Chromebooks for her classes. “Teaching with Technology Trailblazers” is an exciting new program sponsored by the departments of Educational Technology, Information Technology and Teaching & Learning that will tie professional growth opportunities to classroom technology deployment.

A group of Technology Trailblazers volunteered to be part of the program and will become digital classroom experts within their content area. These teachers will build the school’s digital culture by learning to use tools and a common language through instructional practice tied to standards.

Trailblazers will have the training, tools and team support to deliver instruction in an engaging classroom that today’s students will thrive in. The teachers selected at the school will be able to model and share their expertise as the instructional shifts enabled by these tools move to all of the classrooms.