Wellington’s Genbu-Kai Karate Welcomes New Black Belts

(L-R) Benjamin Schwartz, Gordon Webber, Sensei Keith Moore, Alasdair Webber and Kota Ramsey.

Genbu-Kai Karate recently announced the advancement of three adult students to the rank of black belt.

Benjamin Schwartz, Gordon Webber and Alasdair Webber were presented the ranks of kobudo shodan (first-degree black belt). Kobudo is the art of training with Okinawan weapons, which were created from farming tools.

Schwartz began training in 2013, while Alasdair and Gordon Webber joined in 2014. All three began in the junior karate program and have since advanced into the adult/teen program. They not only train in karate and kobudo, but also batto-do. Batto-do is the Japanese art of drawing and cutting with the katana.

Schwartz has competed in many tournaments successfully, including this past February, when he traveled to Genbu-Kai’s main location in Santa Ana, Calif., where he tested for his kobudo black belt.

Also pictured is Kota Ramsey. Although he does not practice either kobudo or batto, he has been with Genbu-Kai since 2010 and was the first to receive his junior shodan in 2017.

Genbu-Kai Karate is conveniently located in the Wellington Marketplace. For more information, call (561) 804-1002 or visit www.floridagenbukai.com.