Greenview Shores Christmas Walk Is A Growing Annual Tradition

Residents enjoy the festive occasion.

For the past seven years, Greenview Shores I residents have worked a little holiday magic in their Wellington neighborhood with an annual Christmas Walk, held this year on Friday, Dec. 21. Beginning with the simple concept that meeting your neighbors will make the neighborhood friendlier and safer, the event has grown each year. On the night of the annual walk, neighbors are encouraged to walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the Christmas displays. Along the way, neighbors are greeted with snack stations featuring treats and drinks. Highlighting the free evening was a fun and entertaining scavenger hunt, in which residents were invited to find a list of Christmas decorations along their journey through the neighborhood. A host of fun, silly prizes were raffled off to many of the participants. The event has become so popular that even Santa was spotted patrolling the area greeting kids of all ages.