Homeless Pets Need Short-Term Foster Homes

Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control is asking local residents to foster an adoptable pet through the holiday season. There are currently more than 200 pets in need of loving homes at the local shelter. Providing a short-term foster home through the holidays gives these pets a better chance at finding a permanent home and frees up kennel space for other pets in need.

As a foster parent, your job is to provide a safe and loving place for your foster pet. All supplies needed to care for your foster pet are provided by the shelter. The typical fostering period is seven to 14 days. If you happen to fall in love, adoption is always an option.

To learn more about the Home for the Holidays program or to pick up a foster pet before the upcoming holiday, e-mail one of the program coordinators at troberts@pbcgov.org, hyoder@pbcgov.org or kdiegert@pbcgov.org. The shelter would like to get all pets placed into foster homes before Dec. 24. If you have pets at home, they need to be current on a rabies vaccine and county license tag.

Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control is located at 7100 Belvedere Road. To view the animals currently available for adoption or foster during the holiday, visit www.pbcgov.com/snap.