’Twas The Night Before Christmas…


’Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the land,
The kidlets were sleeping,
It was going as planned.

But inside one house,
Things were not going well,
The family dog ’wakened,
He smelled a strange smell.

Yes, Rover woke up,
With a sniff and a snort,
His instincts were saying,
“Invader in fort!”

He clunked out of his bed,
(Stealth is not his strong suit),
And he ran to the den,
And encountered… a boot.

The boot was just hanging,
In front of his face,
A man seemed to be stuck
In the big fireplace.

Could this be that “Santa,”
They kept talking about?
Rover gave him a sniff,
And barked at him, “Come out!”

But the man was wedged solid,
Except for the shoe,
So Rover tugged at it,
The way that dogs do.

He tugged and he yanked,
And he bit and he tore,
Until finally the man,
Coming loose, hit the floor.

The dog sized him up,
(As only dogs can),
And Rover did not like
The looks of the man

He had no red suit,
No belly, no beard,
He could be a robber!
(Or so Rover feared.)

And Rover was right!
The man began stealing,
Filling his sack with
The gifts most appealing.

That drove Rover crazy,
He barked loud and long,
And the man in the boots,
Knew his heist had gone wrong.

The family came running,
And dad headed for his gun!
And they got there so fast,
The crook knew he was done.

To make matters worse,
Rover felt justified,
In taking a bite out of
The robber’s backside.

The cops arrived soon,
And handcuffed the big zero,
While Rover was lauded
All day as a hero.

He got petted and patted,
And, as a real treat,
His doggy-food dinner was
Replaced with real meat!

“It’s the best Christmas ever,”
The dog thought as he dozed,
“I taught them all something…
To keep the flue closed!”

Merry Christmas and
A Happy New Year
From your friends at
The Sonic Boomer!