Vita Nova, School District Team Up To Help Homeless

Beginning this week, Vita Nova entered into a new partnership with the School District of Palm Beach County and Vickers House to create a site for youth to get their general education diploma (GED).

Vita Nova welcomes the school district to provide GED classes onsite at its youth drop-in center, located at 2724 N. Australian Ave. in West Palm Beach.

“Statistically, we are seeing less than half of youth ages 18 to 25 homeless or from foster care have their high school diploma. Additionally, if these youth are enrolled in community adult education programs, then less than 10 percent complete coursework and pass the GED test,” said Jeff DeMario, CEO of Vita Nova. “At Vita Nova, we know how vital secondary education is as it leads to a new world of college, trade school and better career choices. The challenge is these youth bring stress, trauma and everyday problems to the classroom that we understand and are equipped to deal with.”

The program’s approach will include much more than what traditional classroom environments have to offer. Vita Nova will work with additional volunteer tutors, help with transportation, include food and refreshments, and help unpack mental health concerns with their approach to teaching the material.

To learn more about the partnership and program, visit or call (561) 689-0035.