CaptiveOne Advisors Sponsors The Vinceremos Special Olympics Team

Laura Southard, CaptiveOne’s brand ambassador, presents the “competition scholarships” to Vinceremos founder Ruth Menor and Kai Sepersaude, rider of the year, while Elle Woolley of EC Pro is hugged by volunteer of the year Evan Hubner.

CaptiveOne Advisors recently announced its sponsorship of the Special Olympics team at the Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center.

“CaptiveOne is proud to announce that it is providing complete riding outfits for the 15 riders of the Vinceremos Special Olympics team,” Laura Southard, CaptiveOne’s brand ambassador, announced at the Vinceremos Dinner & Benefit Auction held Feb. 1.

Ruth Menor, the founder of Vinceremos and coach of their Special Olympics team, was elated to receive the “competition scholarships.” CaptiveOne is teaming up with EC Pro, an equestrian fashion store, to supply the team with branded team show jackets, competition shirts and breeches.

“This is the most creative and meaningful donation any one of our sponsors has ever come up with,” Menor told the 440 gathered supporters at the pavilion of the International Polo Club Palm Beach.

“In the past, our Special Olympics team has competed in outfits that didn’t match,” explained Susan Guinan, chief operating officer at Vinceremos.

She said that Vinceremos is grateful for each and every contribution. “Special Olympians are often seen as individuals with disabilities trying to compete in a sport,” Guinan said. “But they are athletes; they practice and prepare for competition with the same heart and discipline as all Olympians.”

Being a part of a team builds pride in each member, each other and those who support them.

“The uniform serves as a visual reminder to all of that dedication and respect,” Guinan said. “Vinceremos is grateful that CaptiveOne recognizes the commitment of these special equestrians.”

Vinceremos serves children and veterans with developmental, physical and psychological disabilities in its dynamic stable environment. In 2018, the charity taught 5,900 lessons, and Vinceremos volunteers spent 21,000 hours serving the community.

Wayne Jenkins, the founder of CaptiveOne Advisors and a longtime Wellington resident, told Guinan, “I am thrilled to support Vinceremos. You are doing such amazing work right in my hometown community.”

CaptiveOne’s partner, EC Pro, hosted “Vinceremos Day” at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival on Feb. 8, and will do so at the Winter Equestrian Festival on March 23, with a portion of net profits going to Vinceremos.