Wellington Public Works Team Honored

Wellington’s Public Works Department has been awarded the prestigious American Public Works Association (APWA) accreditation. This is the second time that the APWA’s accreditation program has recognized Wellington’s continued commitment toward meeting the highest standard of management practices established nationally in the public works industry.

The accreditation process involved an in-depth assessment of department policies, procedures and practices. The re-accreditation indicates that Wellington’s Public Work’s Department has met all applicable accreditation documentation and practices. The department led the way for other local municipalities, after becoming the first Palm Beach County public works department to receive accreditation in 2015.

Special recognition goes to Accreditation Manager Jesse Wright, Assistant Accreditation Manager Susan Trzepacz and Administrative Assistant Michelle Diaz for their significant contribution to the body of work that earned the honor.

The mission of Wellington’s Public Works Department is to ensure that Wellington is financially sustainable, provides superior municipal services in a cost-effective manner, and is investing in well-designed, well-maintained infrastructure, engaging residents in community governance.

The American Public Works Association is a not-for-profit, international organization of more than 30,000 members involved in the field of public works. For more info., visit www.apwa.net.