Art Society To Feature Jean Williard

The Wellington Art Society will feature a demonstration by member Jean Williard on Wednesday, March 13. The meeting and demonstration will take place at the Wellington Community Center with a meet-and-greet at 6:30 p.m., followed by a member spotlight and brief meeting. The evening will conclude with Williard’s demonstration and an art raffle. The meeting is open to members and guests.

Williard has always loved horses, drawing them from the time she was very young. Her mother, a portrait painter, discouraged her from pursuing her art. So, Williard became an academic, receiving her doctorate in developmental psychology, teaching as an adjunct professor and working with children with behavioral and developmental problems.

Williard’s family couldn’t afford a horse, so when she received a graduation check from her parents, she bought her first horse, and her horses became her passion. Years later, her daughter suggested they take an art course together. Once she had enrolled in a sculpture course, she was hooked. Williard has moved from working with ceramic clay to oil-based clay and has been winning awards for her sculptures ever since.

Williard is delighted to have rediscovered herself at this point in her life. She displays her sculptures in the Wellington galleries and the Lighthouse Gallery in Tequesta. “I hope I can share this enthusiasm and love for horses with you,” Williard said.

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