Deborah Burggraaf Has A New Book Out

The front cover of Deborah Burggraaf’s new book Corky’s Travels.

Local author and retired middle school teacher Deborah Burggraaf has announced the release of her 14th book, Corky’s Travels. The new book follows Burggraaf’s 13th book, Josie On Shadowridge Drive, which was well received by parents, teachers and children.

Burggraaf has once again teamed up with two-time FAPA Award-winning illustrator Matthew Lumsden, a graphic artist in Boca Raton, to create an everlasting love story between a stray black cat, Corky, and Jim, a fellow living alone looking for companionship.

In the book, Jim rescues a stray black cat being tossed around by chickens and a rooster behind a wired fence. Jim runs over to save Corky, his tail now bent from his experience while landing in a dirt trench.

The two bond instantly, as Jim learns how to feed Corky, now making his home a safe place for Corky to call his own. The two travel together over the years, by truck and by airplane, yet always long to return to their cozy cottage.

Corky’s Travels was scheduled for release on March 25. Parents, educators and children will also welcome the lessons available at