PBCHS Teacher Receives $4,000 To Promote STEM

William Bartenslager

The Society for Science & the Public recently announced $120,000 in grants to 35 science research teachers across the country to help them secure much-needed equipment and amenities for their classrooms, including $4,000 to a Palm Beach Central High School teacher.

William Bartenslager, a science teacher at Palm Beach Central in Wellington, received the grant from the Society for Science & the Public to purchase equipment, such as a thermocycler and primers, chemicals and gels for his classroom.

Bartenslager’s school starts 175 students as ninth graders in completing research projects as part of their environmental management course and offers an experimental design class starting in 10th grade. To assist students in this advanced course, he will be using his grant funds to purchase a thermocycler, which amplifies DNA and RNA for analysis.

“This grant will be used to purchase equipment that students need to take their individual research to the next level, as many are trying to incorporate biotechnology into their experiments,” Bartenslager said.