Binks Forest Elementary School Students Present ‘Annie Kids’

The cast of Annie Kids before the Friday performance with director Kathy Zangen and musical director Claudine Ashley.

It was a packed house on Friday, April 26 at Binks Forest Elementary School where parents lined up for an hour-long presentation of the musical Annie Kids.

“In my creative expression class, we have gone schoolwide to bring the script to everyone and then to see the play,” Director Kathy Zangen said. “The students in grades K through two got to see the play yesterday, and grades three through five got to see the play today. Tonight’s performance is for the parents and families. The entire school had to learn about the Great Depression, including Roosevelt’s New Deal.”

With a cast of approximately 50 students, the play went forward without a hitch. Musical Director Claudine Ashley had the voices tuned-up so that the students who sang solos and harmonies captured the audience’s attention. Fifth-grader Josefina Ezcurra played the lead role of Annie with a clear tone in her voice and an exceptional acting performance.

Before the play got underway, awards were presented by parent coordinator Pam Kassis to teachers, volunteers and business partners.