PBC Streamlines Roof Permit Process

The Palm Beach County Building Division recently implemented a streamlined reroofing permitting process. As a result of the initial successes of the effort, the county is expanding its use and implementing the process for all new residential single-family reroofing projects.

Since new streamlined paperwork has been developed specifically for these projects, effective June 1, division staff will no longer accept the old application paperwork for like-for-like reroofing on detached one-family or two-family dwellings.

This process will enable county staff to maintain existing levels of code compliance while ensuring a faster turn-around time in receiving permits. Applicants filing the new forms may obtain a permit while they wait, or on the next business day, based upon the applicant’s preference.

The new application paperwork is available for download under “Permitting Forms” in the forms directory at http://discover.pbcgov.org/pzb/building/pages/forms.aspx. While the majority of detached one-story and two-family dwellings are eligible, not all projects qualify for the simplified process.