TKA First Graders Enjoy Bug Week

First graders Evan Ibarra, Ryker Foote, Austin Adams, Aiden Hulscher and Karsen Hartig during Bug Week.

First graders at the King’s Academy kicked-off Bug Week with a special presentation by an entomologist from Hulett Environmental Services. Hulett President & CEO Tim Hulett and Marketing Director Greg Rice also participated in the special program.

Throughout the week, students shared presentations and displayed models of an insect of their choice.

“It was fun because we got to eat sour gummy worms, and we got to dress up. I was a rainbow butterfly,” first grader Julia Mancil said.

“Students rotated through the classrooms on Bug Day participating in crafts, eating ‘buggy’ snacks and climbing through ant tunnels,” teacher Christine Kovachik said. “It was wonderful to see their creativity come through as they designed their own insects and named them. It was a ‘bugtastic’ day.”

First grader Kyng Dyer agreed. “I made a paper wasp out of ribbon, clay, buttons and pipe cleaners, but it was fun crawling in the ant tunnel and finding insects in the moon sand,” Dyer said.

Bug Week was a wonderful, hands-on experience for students that brought to life what they see and read in their school work. The students wrapped up the week with Bug Day, by dressing up as bugs, entomologists or pest control technicians.