Acreage Resident Max Pedraza Continues His Winning Ways

Max Pedraza has been making a name for himself on the ice.

Acreage resident Max Pedraza recently added another title to his résumé by helping his team win the 2019 Hockey Rec Championship on June 2.

Pedraza played for the Skate Zone’s Oilers team. After winning the semifinal game in a comeback from 1-0 against the Jets 6-3, the final game was between the Oilers and the top-seeded Hurricanes. The final score was 5-4 in a tough battle to the end. the Oilers came back from 2-0 to win the title.

Pedraza has been accepted into the newly established Barwis Dragons for 2019-20 fall travel hockey season. He has been training and conditioning at the Barwis Sport Complex in Deerfield Beach since school ended to be ready for the travel season when it begins at the end of August.

Pedraza attends the Renaissance Charter School at Palms West and will be entering the seventh grade this fall. He is currently enrolled in the Cambridge curriculum and has earned highest honors in math. He is consistently on the high honor roll. When not playing on the ice, he still enjoys NASCAR and remains a Kyle Busch fan.