Berean’s André Rajoo To Continue Science Studies At Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College

André Rajoo

André Rajoo recently graduated from Berean Christian School with the Class of 2019 after attending the school for 13 years.

Throughout his time at Berean, Rajoo has played a vital part in calling for upgrades and procuring the improvements of science facilities and equipment.

This past year, he was the head lab assistant of Berean’s science department, where he assisted science teachers Cindy Potts and Michelle Weaver in certain science classes. He also assisted in preparing labs and activities for future class times.

Rajoo accomplished quite a bit during his high school career. The summer after his sophomore year, he attended a two-month program at Harvard University where he researched, attended lectures and worked in labs pertaining to his stem cell research project and cellular biology. His research later won him first place and led him to be a finalist in local, regional, state and national science and engineering fairs.

In Rajoo’s junior year, he was awarded the United States Navy Science, Health and Technology Research Innovation Award for his research study on treating late-stage kidney disease patients with stem cells, which improved patients’ kidney function.

Rajoo was also Berean’s National Honor Society chapter president his senior year, planning events and volunteering opportunities.

Some individuals who played a vital role in his research included the late Dr. Burton Feinerman, Glenn Waters, Cindy Potts and Debbie Medellin. They played a large part in Rajoo’s success by continuously supporting him and facilitating his research and ideas on late-stage kidney disease.

Rajoo was accepted to and plans on attending Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College of FAU in Jupiter. There he plans on continuing his research on stem cells at the Scripps Research Institute while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science.