Murray Smith Joins TKA As Boys Basketball Coach

TKA Director of Athletics Dr. Chris Hobbs with new coach Murray Smith.

The King’s Academy announced this week that Murray Smith will be taking over the reins of the school’s boys basketball program.

Director of Athletics Dr. Chris Hobbs announced on Monday afternoon that he is stepping down as the school’s current boys basketball coach and installing Smith in the role.

“I love coaching and influencing young people through the game of basketball,” Hobbs said. “I also love leading the coaches of the King’s Academy, and neither of those roles can be filled to the standard that we’ve set without undivided attention. If I wanted both done really well, I had to choose one and find someone who could do the other well. What has impressed me about coach Smith as I’ve gotten to know him is the way his former players still seek him out. That is evidence of a coach that had a real impact. I am excited for him to get to work and put our boys in position to have a lot of success.”

Smith, who recently retired from his teaching position after 35 years working for Palm Beach County schools, brings an extensive coaching resume with him. Smith has almost 700 career wins, seven FHSAA State Final Four appearances and three FHSAA State Championships. His most recent stint, coaching seven years at Lake Worth High School, saw Smith lead the Trojans to 70 wins in his final three seasons.

He assumes the duties of leading the boys basketball program immediately.

“I just love the relationships with players and teams that come along with it all — the chance to influence young people and do it with a game that I love so dearly,” Smith said. “I really have as much enthusiasm for it as I always have, and I’m really excited to do it at a school as prestigious as the King’s Academy.”

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