Local Tree Service Companies Prepare For Saluting Branches Sept. 18

Participating tree experts gather for the 2018 Saluting Branches event.

Tree care professionals from local tree service companies will unite at the South Florida National Cemetery for a volunteer day of service dedicated to veterans. Saluting Branches, Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance, is a nonprofit organization honoring veterans by donating tree care at veteran properties.

Celebrating the fifth annual day of service on Wednesday, Sept. 18, more than 3,000 tree industry professionals and other volunteers across the nation will donate a full day by doing what they do best: caring for trees. Participating local companies will be announced later, said event organizer Michael Zimmerman of Zimmerman Tree Service.

Volunteer tree work at the 313-acre cemetery will begin by 8 a.m. that Wednesday with arborists providing expertise in tree structure, invasive insects, diseases and best management practices for tree health.

“We join with tree care companies around the country to honor our Nation’s veteran’s by providing free tree care services,” said Sonny R. Peppers, director of the South Florida National Cemetery. “Together we make these cemeteries safer, more beautiful resting places for those veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”

Saluting Branches is a nonprofit organization dedicated to recognizing and honoring veterans. In 2018, Saluting Branches was the largest one-day volunteer event in the tree industry with more than 3,000 participants. A total of 636 companies and organizations put in an estimated 24,000 hours in one day at dozens of locations across the country. More than $3 million in services were donated by arborists doing the work they love. Learn more at www.salutingbranches.org.