RPBHS Kicker Dominick Grosso Aims To Help St. Jude’s Kick Cancer

Royal Palm Beach kicker Dominick Grosso puts the ball through the uprights to fight cancer.

As if attending high school and being a place kicker/punter for the Royal Palm Beach High School Wildcats football team weren’t enough, senior Dominick Grosso has taken on a community challenge to team up with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help in the fight against cancer.

Grosso explained that the Kicking Cancer program is raising money and awareness for the fight against cancer. Donations can be made online.

“I heard about Kicking Cancer at Kohl’s Kicking Camp,” Grosso explained. “One of the representatives was there, and she shared another kicker’s story and informed me on how to sign up and how the program works.”

This struck close to home for Grosso. Last summer, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it heavily impacted the whole family.

“My summer consisted of football practices and helping care for her,” Grosso said. “She had several surgeries, and life for our family slowed down. She was very restricted and spent most of her time resting.”

When Grosso heard about the Kicking Cancer program, it made him reflect on how it could help his family. “It reminded me of my mom, and I thought about the joy it would bring her when I told her what I was doing,” he said.

The program works through community support. Those interested can visit Grosso’s profile and make donations.

“When you make a pledge, every kick I make is money going to my overall goal of raising $1,000. However, it would be wonderful if I was able to raise more,” Grosso said.

This is Grosso’s first year participating in the Kicking Cancer program, and he looks forward to meeting those involved at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“Student athletes mean a lot to the program,” he said. “The more athletes sign up, the more money can be raised toward fighting cancer. I know how expensive cancer can get, and with Kicking Cancer, I can help patients pay for some expenses.”

St. Jude has long been in the fight against cancer and other diseases through advancing cures and providing the most advanced treatment available, while also making sure that families are not left with the bill.

Grosso was quick to express his appreciation for the support he has received from his football teammates. “The boys are more motivated to put points up on the board,” he said. “I also had a meeting with my coaching staff telling them what I was doing and how the charity works. All of them supported me and are going to try and get more team members to participate.”

For the short term, Grosso plans on attacking the goal posts this season to bulk up donations as one of Palm Beach County’s premier kickers. He does, however, have a longer-term goal of kicking in college and maintaining his growing relationship with St. Jude and Kicking Cancer.

“Though it is only my first year, I look forward to working with them in college,” he said.

To make a contribution, or for more information on the program, visit http://fundraising.stjude.org and search for Grosso’s fundraiser, or donate through Facebook at https://t.co/d7EPjUadMT.